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    How it works
    You take a short assessment. We learn about you, where you’re at and what you want to work on.
    You are matched to coaches: Each customized to your goals, intent + ambitions.
    Have initial sessions absolutely free. If you’re into it, you can sign up to become a Member.
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    Learn about coaching
    Coaching isn’t for everyone. This is for the people who infinitely give a damn. That you? Then you're in the right place. Live, create, love and work with purpose, mindfulness and keep expanding your potential. Invest in your growth. Defy the status quo.

    You can expect to gain:
    Seeker Stories
    An end-to-end platform
    Powerful MatchingAn intelligent matching algorithm backed by a Seeker Success Team.
    Free First-Time Sessions With Any Coach On SphereTry before you commit. Sign up for a free trial. Have free first-time sessions with any coach.
    Instant BookingsNo back-and-forth emails to schedule a session. Syncs seamlessly with your calendar.
    Calls Three WaysJoin your sessions in-app on iOS and Android, on Desktop or via the good old-fashioned phone.
    MessagingMessage Your Coaches. All your coaching conversations in one place.
    Affordable Monthly MembershipsCoaches outside of Sphere charge up to 70% more. You get high-quality coaching at a reduced rate.
    Start For Free. Unlimited trial, cancel anytime.
    Straight from our Seekers
    "I've been using Sphere since January, meeting with the same fantastic coach 1-2 times a month. I was incredibly fortunate to have access to a coach at my previous job and only realized once I star...
    -Travis H