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  • Kevin
    Tools to overcome automatic negative thoughts (ANTs)
    Roadmap from ideation to execution
    Reduce anxiety, stress, physical and emotional pain
    Enhanced feeling of well-being and mindbody connection

    I help people who feel stuck to move and work towards their truly desired life. We already hold the answers we are looking for deep within ourselves, and no one is flawed or broken. However, at times, we could use some help in finding the answers to our success. Or a supportive ear. This is where I come into the picture. As a trained and certified Coach and Counsellor, I help individuals become more self-aware of their inner workings, and unlock the mysteries as to why they are stuck. Only through awareness of the self can we begin creating desired lasting change. Through careful and strategic questioning and examination, we can determine the underlying barriers keeping you from what you want in life. Once we identify them, you'll be able to find the answers within your self to create and implement different tools and strategies to reach your goals and desired life. I'm confident that working with me will allow you to step out of the comfort zone and craft the life you desire.

    Rock Climbing Instructor
    Scuba Dive Master
    Medal of Bravery & Carnegie Hero Award Recipient
    Rhodes Wellness College Certified
    Life Skills Coach & Counsellor Certified
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