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In an ever changing, fast paced world, transformational change requires the intentional practice of mindful awareness. My belief system centers the knowing that stillness speaks volumes and creates brave space for foundational shift. With over a decade of multidisciplinary coaching with corporate executives, tech startups and freelancers, I have witnessed the gift in giving my clients space to breathe easy. As your coach, I will help you acknowledge, allow, accept, and appreciate the intricacies of yourself as we create powerful internal shift . Work with me to create spaciousness for transformational expansion from a place of deep presence and stillness. Challenge your current patterns with curiosity and play as you create new neural pathways and practices to support the life that you want to create. Together, we will dive into and explore what is here and ready to be expressed through your being.

Worked with global corporations to incorporate mindfulness in the workplace
Sound therapist. Yoga teacher. Mindfulness and meditation instructor
Featured on podcasts Black Girl in Om, Therapy For Black Girls + many more
Fireside chats centering mindfulness with companies such as SXSW, 21Ninety, Essence Festival + more
200 Hour Sound Healing Certification
200 hour Yoga and Meditation
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
Institute for Integrative Nutrition - Holistic Health Coach (AADP)
Doctor of Chiropractic
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