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  • Kiran
    Honest conversations
    Self-Empowerment through Self-Awareness
    *Real* progress

    Hey, I’m Kiran. Life coach, professional friend-maker, ex-probation officer, and a safe space to hold all your “stuff." Seeing you get clear on what you want and then making moves towards your goals is what gets me excited every day. I’ve worked as a Probation Officer for over a decade, which means I have 10+ years of experience in helping some very difficult personalities get through some major limiting beliefs and life circumstances. So, if you think you’re not capable of having a life that feels incredible—try me. My path to coaching started in 2012, after a painful breakup that shook me to my core. After trying countless counselors, I finally found a life coach who helped me to see that I’d been living my life not owning who I was. In my coaching practice, I welcome each and every client as a friend I’ve known forever. We can cry together, laugh together, and have some fun. Regardless of what you might be feeling in your life right now, your opinion matters; and your feelings do, too. You’ve arrived here, which means you can finally give up your fight to be understood, and allow room for transformational growth to occur.

    A decade of experience in coaching, counselling and forum facilitation across career development, interpersonal and family contexts
    Furthered depth of expertise through studies and apprenticeship under Canada’s leading family dynamics facilitator David Bentall
    Probation Officer for over a decade
    Positive Psychology Certification
    CAPP Coach Certification
    Coaching Style
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